Brain Training

As a parent, you want your child to have the best possible start in life, and this includes giving them the tools they need to excel academically. One key factor in your child's success is their working memory, which plays a crucial role in their ability to learn and retain information. Research has shown that children with strong working memory skills are more efficient and effective at executing cognitive processes, which can lead to improved academic performance. On the other hand, children with working memory deficits may struggle to learn and may even become low achievers without appropriate intervention. By subscribing to our program, you can help ensure that your child's working memory is functioning at its best. Our program is designed to provide targeted intervention to help children with working memory deficits improve their cognitive abilities and become better learners. With our help, your child can reach their full potential and achieve academic success.

Working Memory

An overview of what working memory is, and the cognitive functions it supports.

Working Memory Deficit

The medical conditions associated with working memory deficit, and the consequences it can have.

Results That Matter

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of children with ADHD are more
attentive after completing
the cogmed program

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of surveyed users reported
an improved ability to pay
attention in their everyday life

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of children improve their
ability to follow instructions.

Meet our Founder


Hello I am Dr Shalette Ashman. Founder of The LearningHub Cognitive Center. I hold a BSc. in Business, a MBA in Business, a MSc in Composition, Rhetoric and Digital Media, an Educational Specialist degree (EdS) and a PhD in Computing Technology in Education. My passion and expertise is in designing and implementing systems to aid children to optimise their performance. Since 1995, I have served the education sector in a variety of roles such as classroom teacher, trainer consultant, university lecturer, elearning developer and brain training coach.

Coaching individuals with learning differences marked by working memory deficits is important to my mission. Here at The LearningHub Cognitive Center we provide practical solutions to evaluate individuals and help them achieve their goals. Click here to review my research on “The Effect of Computerized Cognitive Training on the Working Memory and Mathematics Achievement of Low Achiever.”


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